Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2 new detailed wagons

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From 1994 to 1996, the LHB delivered a total of 600 of these modern freightwagons in the first production run. The second run started in 1996 and consisted 400 cars that were delivered from the builder in the "traffic red" paint scheme. The load surface has a volume of 55 cubic meters  and the maximum load is 68  tons. The maximum speed for the cars is 120 km/h.
  • Realistic recreation of the Facns-133 in 12 colorschemes and DB brands.
  • Custom bogey and drive sounds.
  • Closing signals.
  • Loadable and animated gravel freight.
  • There are only free roam scenarios included.


The Hbbins wagon is a closed freightwagon with 2 sliding walls per wagon side which gives access to the complete floor area from both sides and facilitate the loading/unloading by fork lift truck from ground level. The wagon has been designed for an even distribution of the load on the wagon floor. The maximum wheel pressure on the board is 5 tons. The wagon is fitted with fixing points along both sides for load security purposes.

This package contains:
  • Freightwagon Hbbins in 12 different liveries
  • One scenario for the Rhine-Ruhr Line: RailTraction - Hbbins in service (you will need the upgraded version of Train Simulator 2012 or the seperate add-on Rhine-Ruhr Line of Steam)

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  1. These wagons are awesome! Dowloaded and love this wagons!!! Please more :-)
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